About Us

COBEF International Limited is a new-generation company which widely believes in manufacturing quality PVC Piping Systems, Servicing the building, Civil Engineering, Mining and Agricultural sectors.

Products quality is assured through well-equipped laboratory, run by professionals. Products conform to various DIN 8062/3 Standards which are compatible with ISO 4422-1 & ISO 4421-2 Standards.

The unique properties of polyvinyl chloride polymer are further enhanced by the addition of specialized additives to create tough, resilient and ductile compounds, which are used in the extrusion of PVC Pipes. The extrusion process itself is finely controlled and has a direct bearing on the final properties of the product.

(Virgin) Alon RONE cannot be processed because its melting point is 110 Degrees Centigrade, we therefore mix special additives, pigments, colours, which increase the mechanical and chemical properties of the products. Our company uses special PVC Pipegrade material, having value K-67.

Our objective is to manufacture pipes within tight dimensional tolerances at high output rates while maintaining the mechanical performance characteristics.